to buy:
¤ i-zone film
¤ new cd player adaptor for car
¤ and/or in dash cd player
¤ petrol for buick on “e”
¤ new loud speakers
¤ buttons (coming soon)

¤ finish record
¤ be 110% happy with it
¤ fathom how to begin a band to form the MONS supergroup
¤ grow beard back
¤ cut out all meat in my diet

i need to hear some
¤ thelonius monk
¤ pavers
¤ popcorn
¤ silence
¤ josie and the pussycats

¤ clean floor in room
¤ organize new i-zone picture
¤ go thru old super-8 films in closet
¤ clean shit everywhere

¤ mat!
¤ more good music for label
¤ move out
¤ more boston
¤ more beach
¤ less hermit
¤ record label
— really run a record label
¤ more sleep
¤ girl mat is 110% content with
¤ freedom
¤ more fun

¤ 7
¤ 6
¤ 2

3 Responses to “ ~joanna/”

  • i missssssssssss maty so much. hummf what to do what to do?

    i have so much to tell him, but i’m never here, doo doo.


  • i guess the results of the poll was to shave the beard??? eep! you look younger.

  • actually it looked like it was to shave my ass…but i honestly forgot about the poll…

    i just forgot what i looked like without it…

    dont fret…the beard will be back mega soon

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