free your mind…and your ass will follow

Bonzo Goes to BitburgYesterday was a fun day. I learned that a few co-workers read my website. Eeek. Kinda sketch. Not that i really care actually about what I say about me. But there are some implications towards other people that may not need other people finding out about their personal life. So for the benefit of others they will no longer be able to view the site. I love me some special coding. You people will soon find out who you are. Apolgies…but I guess like Napster and Communism, we all succumb. And bite me. And I take my apology back, even if i can’t spell it.

Last night I went to see our Premiere of American Pie 2. It really was a funny movie. Simply put: I laughed my ass off. Even Arch Campbell stayed the whole time. Woo! It was funny as hell. Yes, most sequels are pretty shoddy and horribly done. This one was an exception. I think Airplane 2 was an exception too. And Back to the Future II. Damn good. Nothing is better than Doc. I wanna be like Doc when I get older. Or at least have his cool ass white hair. After the movie a few of the part-timers, Bryan and co-worker #2 and I went out for Mexican. For some reason I always told myself I would never drink with these people. But i think it’s ok now. I’ll have a beer with these hoodlums from time to time. So be it. My new catch phrase is “so be it.” So-be-it. Sobe-it. Sobei-t. Sob-ei-t.

My shift key at home sticks. Why is this?! Is the hamster in my keyboard fucking with me? Did Elle put super glue in my keyboard. Ok, thinking about the movie last nite really makes me sickened now. What’d you use for lubricant, baby? Supah Glueeeee – the frogs. God I love the frogs. Fucking genius. I never thought humor and rock should ever mix. Until I heard the frogs. They blend the two so well. It’s a perfect mix of music, like a water melon seed up my snooty snout. Or am i just gonna quote the Frogs now? I reckon not.

This Saturday is Radiohead and I am trying to get my photopass for the gig. The music director at work is gonna hook me up i think. She just wants to make sure I have a pass. So i talked to co-worker #2 about that and she said I will either get a workers pass, or an unclaimed ticket from winners…either way, I am going. I haven’t seen them in ages. I didn’t like OK COMPUTER, nor the one after. I liked the latest one and loved the 1st two. I just hope for one song from each of the 1st two records. Perhaps “I Cant” and “Fake Plastic Trees” – How did these guys get so huge. Fucking bizarre. I can just remember Jordan telling me about the singer playing that basket ball arena at UMD and smoking a bowl on stage. Fucking weird. Fucking shite. I curse too much. I need to watch my potty mouth. I also need to eat. Can’t wait for Saturday for obvious reasons. Skeletor will be there too. She’s always a blast. I kinda wish I didn’t call her that. But that name is so her. Weird. I just wish I had a nick name like that. Mendel will do. Or Jew. Time for food. And time for the good Karma with the girlies. My luck has sucked. Gimme Gimme Good Karma (sung to the tune of Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment by the Ramones) At work, Co-Worker #2 calls “Part-timer”: Mat’s Girlfriend. Which has already jinxed me. I am doomed. It was worth a try.

Elle’s got the flavah. We need more funk in this space in time…

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  • You definitely need to be Doc when you get older. That would so rock. 🙂

  • They played “Fake plastic..” when I saw them at Red Rocks. I can’t remember if they played “I cant” or not. Sorry to say they play quite a bit off of OK and Kid A. Thoose two albums were about 80% of the show. I dunno if they did that because they were filming or if that is their normal set for this tour. Hope Beta Band is opening for your show too!

  • whatever mat. taht’s no superglue.

    you’ve been experimeting in the naughty realms of the internet again, haven’t you?

    fess up.

  • i AM the internet

  • from now on i shall refer to all porn as simply “mat”

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