kevin conroy / matt gross

where is monkey toez?HotelOpera: hey king gay
mat: hi duder
HotelOpera: where’s your car, dude? how’s it goin?
mat: i found it!
HotelOpera: thuper!
HotelOpera: haha
mat: i always want to be by your side
HotelOpera: vixXxen!
mat: who’ll be the next in line?
HotelOpera: always something there to remind me
mat: where the streets have no name?
HotelOpera: i go there with you, it’s all i can do!
mat: it’s all i can JEW!
mat: Dont eat the yellow snow
mat: you gotta set me free
HotelOpera: you gotta break your rusty cage and run!
mat: you speak-a-ma-language
mat: (that was a good one vixen!)
HotelOpera: 🙂
HotelOpera: Kabrula kaysay Brula Amal amala senda Kumahn Brendhaa~
mat: You’re good good good you’re good
HotelOpera: Claire!
mat: oh you’ve got the green eyes
oh you’ve got the blue eyes
oh you’ve got the GRAAAAAAY…eyes
HotelOpera: linger on….pale blue eyes
mat: what’s with these homies dissin’ my girl?
why have they got a front?
HotelOpera: whatever, fonzie
mat: no sugar tonight in my coffee, no sugar tonight in my tea
HotelOpera: honey honey there’s sugar in your gas tank, yeah sugar in your gas tank
mat: damn, you win
mat: i got stumped to a teenager!
HotelOpera: heh, well, it was kind of obscure anyway
mat: very…like my snooty snout
HotelOpera: Smart Went Crazy…but it’s DC, so you should know, sucka!
mat: yeah, i never got in to them…
mat: not pretentious enough
HotelOpera: yeah…it’s all about the lyrics anyways
mat: totally
mat: it’s all about lyrics and morrisey!
HotelOpera: haha
mat: or is it lymph nodes and money?
HotelOpera: I was looking for a job and now I’ve found a job, and heaven knows i’m miserable now!
mat: sex is violent
HotelOpera: ideally, yes

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