i am just ill with rage

it's cold, it feels like independence dayI Could Just Kill A Man.

Today’s events are incomprehensible. I first heard and saw the warnings of the events on the TV with Ben Folds right next to me. It was like a surreal nightmare. It was like that movie INDEPENDENCE DAY. People running from this dark and evil cloud. This couldn’t be real, I thought. Then one of our part-timers (no, not “The Part-Timer”) calls us from the road. She saw a plane fly over her and right in to the Pentagon. Fucking shit- this hits home, way too close. She was terrified and sitting on the side of the road with no one. I felt for her.

All day I’ve been on the verge of tears. Or perhaps beyond the thought and idea of such tears. Maybe I cant give the terrorists that glory. Fuck them. I am not a violent person. And I am never the one to believe in the eye for an eye theory. But in this case, I say bomb the fuck out of them. For all I care we can erase them from the maps. You dont fuck with America. And more over, you dont fuck with NYC, let alone DC. Those terrorists may have some booksmarts to set this up, but their street smarts arent on par. They fucked with the wrong two cities.

So a lot of my day was glued to the TV and Radio learning more about the events. I spent a lot of it getting in touch with my friends and family in NYC and DC. Thankfully all my friends were ok. It was wonderful to hear from my friend Skippy to contacted me from Paris or Italy or wherever the hell he is now. I felt loved for once, for a second. But not that loved – as no call or anything from Zut. Bizzare, cos the first time I believed that this shit was real, I thought: I pray they dont hit Boston. Alas, the story of my life.

What really pissed me off real bad was how Pseudo-Boss #2 didnt think or act like this was a big deal. But to some, people who actually have feelings, it did. It hid real close to home. Too close. I have family and friends all over NY(C) and some that work a mere block or two from the WTC. I was very pissed at him all day. At least Korinne spoke her mind to him. I never got the chance to say anything to him. I would have drop kicked him. He would have thought much differently if he had family there. Or not. He has no soul. No feeling. He is white. He is absent.

I am a very angry American.

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  • you know this isbull shit!!! my husband is in the marine corps We grew up in new jersy only a hour from DC and right next to a military base this is hittinghome for me too and it sucks!!! My brotehrworks in nework and seen the 2nd plane that hit the trade center and heard teh explosion. It scares me to think well whatif that plane went down were he was or what if it wanted the military base right nxt to my home town.

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