i am sitting in the morning at the diner on the corner

yup, it's korinne's bra rackToday is my day off. I woke to the sound to grinding tree stumps. How romantic is that? Damn it got me hot. So yesterday the tree surgeon came to take away our pine trees in the back yard. All that was left was the stumps. For some reason they had to sub-contract a company to take the 35 year old stumps out. Thank god we are replacing the 2 trees with 3 new trees. I really think planting trees should be tax deductable. That would make sense considering how quickly we are destroying the environment. We suck. Oh and the point of this paragraph was that it was my day off and i was supposed to sleep in. Fat chance. Fuck those tree removal peeps. Well I did get to sleep until 8.40am. That was nice, but wasnt a nice 10am. That’s a nice round time for sleeping in. Mmmmmmm, sleep.

So basically I work with people here in Rockville for content and people in LA for the backend databasing junx for work. It turns out that all the people in LA that I work with are getting laid off. I am very mad. They are consolodating. I was never really all that upset about monday’s lay off’s. But this is obsurd. Joe and Mike were supposed to come down this weekend and we were gonna hang on Sunday at the show. I am very angry that there have been so many lay offs. And what a more nasty situation that they will get the TV Prouction crew to replace them. Ugh. TV Production?! Ugh.

Last night was my parent’s 30th Anniversary. That rules. So proud of them.

It’s a boy! – I had a baby boy last nite. I am beside myself.

To do list:
01. Go to post office to mail Jamie’s LIVE CD
02. Go to bank and do banky things
03. Clean room
04. Work out tax forms
05. Detail a record contract for label
06. Return 2 months worth of phone calls
07. Pretend I have a Record Label
08. Be in awe of the fact I have a new child
09. Enjoy the fact that I am not at work
10. Watch a little TV and play N64
11. Lay on couch

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