if that’s all there is my friends, then let’s keep dancing

show me some spinning nipples - her version...the mutual smitten kittensAbout two weeks ago I made it known I was going on vacation for a week somewhere. I asked a few select people if they wanted to come with me. I left it pretty open to some pretty cool cities. Boston. Chicago. New York City. Etc. Virtually everyone said they wanted to go. But no one ever agreed. People are lame. It’s a fucking free trip and I was gonna drive! Very minimal expenses. What else you got to do? Ha! So yeah, Emily agreed rather spontaneously, however. Go her. Girls who make decisions rule. I think Elle does that too. But she’s a blonde and we all know blondes are nothing but trouble. So yes. Mat did go on vacation. He was in NYC for 5 or so days. We stayed in Manhattan around midtown. You beeotch.

We left MD on Wednesday afternoon but never really hit the road to nowhere until around 6pm cos Emily had a few errands to run. So we got to the NJ Transit Station shortly after and took that to Penn Station. Once we got there we went to this corner deli and got a salad (or at least Emily called it that. I just called it “Wacked-Vegetables-that-would-never-be-in-a-salad-but-happened-to-be-in-that-salad-bar”) And we got some spaghetti as well. We both were pretty tired and hit the hay pretty early. We did watch Cheers and Family Ties on Nick at Night! Woo!

Thursday we didnt get out of bed until almost 4pm. It’s like those lazy sunday mornings. Those are the best and not to be fucked with. We finally got out and went to this fab Japanese/Asian restaurant and I got some noodles that made me look like a 3 year old eating and we both got Watermelon juice which is my new crack. Gimme. Hmmm, actually my times are all fucked up. Not sure really what happened on what day. Well I am, but i am pretty tired and can’t place it all now.

Ok. I am a lazy ass. I went on vacation. I had a the best 5 days i’ve had in a large amount of time. Quite cultural too, being that i got to see a few art exhibits, an off-broadway show, saw a swank bizzaro show (John?!), and rode a few cabs. Definately the most productive NYC trip i’ve ever taken. I dont feel like getting in to much more, cos it was too rock for words. I will include highlights below:

:: Seeing “Puppetry of the Penis” off-Broadway
:: Going to the PS1 Art Gallery in Queens and checking out that sound installation of 40 speakers where each speaker was an individual voice of a choir. Fucking genius. Made me teary eyed.
:: Seeing the Sugimoto Portrait Exhibit @ the Guggenheim
:: Meeting a lot of Emily’s cool friends
:: Going to see “Va Va Va Voom” at Fez which was a psychotic las vegas style stipper/lounge/bizzaro/dance/singing vaudvillian deal in a swank lounge bar underneath a bar and behind a restaurant. More on that.
:: Spending a lot of time in the bars, which is not something i normally do, but was quite enjoyable
:: Catching up on my sleep
:: Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! I didnt really get anything, but it’s always fun even just looking.
:: Talking.
:: Taking Cabs all over the city.
:: Sitting in swanky smokey clubs and having a cute girl buy you a drink.
:: Listening to Feetnik‘s funk mix and having her call me at the same time.
:: Not thinking nor worrying about work shite.
:: Eating interesting foods. And WATERMELLOW JUICE!
:: That girl who was afraid of birds.
:: Billy and his wife (who did put her hand on my knee, for the record.)
:: Those Milano Cookies
:: New Self Portrait.
:: Not having to read the 83 emails in my inbox while I was away.

So that is about it. I am recharged. I never actually wanted to move there, until this trip. For that sound installation I would move if i found the right job! Damn that shit was cool. If only I could move in to that installation. But I doubt I would ever consider moving there in the near future. I love DC. Smells nicer. Foxier colors to our Metro. You cant fuck with that. Ever.

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