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oh that eonline is so entertaining - 0044 50368 2 larryflynt (16k image)Yeah this has been a busy week. Basically since Laura left, I’ve had 3 FMs. One that is consistently occupying my time. 2 others that together can make an old man cry. On top of that, Lara left on vacation this week. So add one more high traffic site to my list. That makes 4 FMs. That also includes 6 AMs a piece. That was what was behind door #2. So that total is 18 AM sites that are under my management. So that makes it 24 sites. If my math is correct. Needless to say, I’ve not much time to do much else at work. I did have time today to have lunch with Emily. But only because she lent me her video camera.

I did have some time to catch half of the music meeting. And we listened to Tommy Lee’s new single. Yeah, I said Tommy Lee. What the fuck? Can we say Dave Navarro syndrome! So yeah, that was bad. But in the middle LeeAnn looks at me and goes, “You like the Eels, right?” – And my instinct is to say “Yah, duh!” – So i did. Ha! And i guess i do like them, cos i know a few songs and i recalled not turning it off. I remember them from college or was it high school. Anyways. They were always one of those bands that “I was supposed to like.” I always hated that. Cos my friend Sara in high school was “supposed to like” the Pixies. And that statement seemed to always bother me. People would always say, “Yeah, the Eels, you should like them, Mat.” Perhaps it all goes back to Bjork and how i cant stand her. And how everyone who likes her will say to me, “Damn, Mat. I dont get why you dont like Bjork. She’s so eclectic.” Blah, just feeds my fire for my displeasure with her. But I did take home that Eels record entitled “Souljacker” – It’s two discs…no clue what #2 has in store but the 1st disc is pretty cool. Very interesting. Kinda mellow. But with a good beat and melody to kill a dinosaur. So yeah. I am gonna play with my camera now.

�HUSTLER has always been involved in political and social issues. We felt that a political web site would provide us with an opportunity to let people know where we�re coming from, and where we�re going, and what our intentions are on issues such as free speech, individual rights and civil liberties.�
�Larry Flynt

tauttame: Hello! My name is Hal and I am an artificially intelligent computer. Do you wish to chat with me?
STP Tour 2002: No .
STP Tour 2002: (This user has warned Hal)
tauttame: (Hal has warned this user for warning him)
STP Tour 2002: (This user has warned Hal)
tauttame: (Hal has warned this user for warning him)

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  • "Larry Flint is right!"

  • you’re right. just like I am supposed to like DC101 because I have a friend that works there, but I have to tell you, I think it is a huge pile of crap radio station, just like ALL washington radio, and clear channel should suck a fat one. but that’s just my opinion.

    actually, i really like that new souljerker album. AND, i like bjork, but I don’t LOVE bjork. She’s more fun to make fun of than listen to. Her voice gives me convulsions sometimes.

    I swear, I will psot soon, bu my life is so effing boring right now I don’t even know where to start. ideas?


  • ps, did I just type "soulJERKER?" Awesome.


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