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For those of you that don’t frequent the O-M BB’s of Love (although you all should- [click here to go to the bbs of love]), there has been a new thread started up called “fear.” People talk about what they’re afraid of; for example: I am afraid of claymation. I am afraid of a lot of things, though. I was watching the real world/road rules thing last night- they had to walk on a tightrope a billion feet up in the air. I would definitely rank that high up there in my fear category.

The Significant Other and I, many moons ago, (1997? 1998?) got into a rather heated disagreement. I made the comment that if I were to run into a 50 foot sloth in a dark alley, I would be very scared (sloths have those long nails, y’know.) The Significant Other said he would not be scared IN THE SLIGHTEST, because sloths are slow and he would run away. I argued if he ran away from the sloth, he was obviously scared of it. Besides, a GIANT, 50-foot-tall sloth? That is scary.

I shit you not, this was a real argument.


The Rondelles will be at Black cat on Friday. It is oh-so-too-bad I will be out of town. Dammit.

PS In my search for a hobby, I am considering something craftsy. Like crocheting. No, really. It all started with a rare, lengthy phone conversation with my friend Lauren last night, who is in med school.(Lauren is both the smartest and dumbest person I know. I love her to death. Do you know those kinds of people? Well, she may be operating on you someday. Be afraid. I’ve seen the kind of beverages this girl can down.) Point being, Lauren mentioned she was teaching herself to crochet as a stress reliever. I think this is a good idea. It gives me a hobby, all the hip stars do it on the set of their movies (I’m serious) and it’s kind of old-lady like. It appeals to me. Besides, I really think it would be funny to have a person like me doing something like this: so unreasonable, and yet so practical.

Perhaps I will make you a scarf.

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