lonesome, crowded west

I spent all day yesterday kanoodling with the Canadians, who were desperately whoring out their Adobe Acrobat products on LIVE! SATELLITE FEED! FROM TORONTO!

Isn’t technology grand when they can give us four hours of Canadians via satellite broadcasting?

I am in the process of making a London-Britishy themed mix for myself. Obviously, there will be some Clash, Charlatans UK, Northern Uproar, some Gomez, probably even some (gah) Oasis, maybe some Badly Drawn Boy (not London, I know) or some “Low-Fi-post-punk-scene” stuff. (I love it when people talk like this. Like Al was saying about the “record store snobs.” You know these people- the people who combine all music genres with a lot of hyphens, and act like it means something? what is that anyway? Royal Trux?) Anyone with suggestions, email me, yo.

Other Stuff:

Not too long ago, someone I went to college with died. I never really found out the details, mostly because I didn’t know him very well. He was one of those people you saw out at bars, and was friends of friends of yours. Seemed nice enough. I don’t think I ever said a single word to him in four years, but he was a name I knew; a name that was passed around pretty frequently. I’m sure he was well off, drove a nice car and if I recall correctly, wore nice things and came from an upstanding New England family.

It’s very, very bizarre to me when someone of my young age dies. I try not to be one that preaches. I don’t care if you get all strung out and high and run a dominatrix service out of your mom’s basement. (Actually, that sounds like such a great moneymaking venture to me. Forget I mentioned it, I may use that idea myself.) I have some pretty liberal views concerning people’s vices, and hell if I’m going to tell anyone seriously how they should run their life. I talk a big game, I joke about things too much and inappropriately, but for the most part, I don’t care I mostly don’t give a shit what other people do as long as it doesn’t fuck up my life. (Yes, that is extremely selfish and self-centered, but I’m in my twenties. Aren’t I supposed to be like this? I’m just trying to play the correct role here.) Anyway, it’s still bizarre.

That guy had a massive drug problem. Or so the rumor mill had it. I would say that it’s a 90% chance that’s why/how he went to the Big Bar in the Sky. I don’t know why I had been thinking about him today, but I had.

And to attempt to poignantly quote one of my favorite movies, “Now that’s a real shame when folks be throwin’ away a perfectly good white boy like that.”

Just say no. I wish my friends could still run into their friend at a bar.

PS Props to Jessica for being daring and all smarty

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  • wait, is that quote from “better off dead?” i hope so, or else i’ll feel stupid.

    that seems like a dumb question for a profound post…

  • i’m tryin’ to think of any of the, oh, 3 or so post-70’s British bands that i don’t hate…Pulp maybe? nice post, and perhaps more importantly, nice response to Jess’s post. i think that’s a five-foot pole i just used, that’s close enough for me.

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