the march

cheers, j et bThings I wish I were listening to right now, but unfortunately am not: DPlan’s new EP; John Lennon’s “Oh Yoko;” Giant Sand; The Bicycle Thief; “Miami Beach” by Sordid Humor (I don’t even think I’ve ever heard anything else by them…)

Instead listening to: A bad quality mix of Chamberlain and Beachwood Sparks and De la Soul and Emergency & I; a good quality mix of Muzzle and the Devlins; JSBX “Orange.”


I spent Sunday in Baltimore, but did not parttake of any of the high-quality ecstasy being pedaled by the funny bearded man and his bicycle. I did walk the very same streets as the January OM fest group did, though, and it made me think how angry I was that Frank Black cancelled that night, and then how I didn’t talk the whole night, and then that made me kind of giggle. I promise to be less odd on Saturday with you DPlan kids. Or at least I promise to try. Maybe I’ll even bring lollipops as a peace pipe.

I once worked with a guy whos name was Randy. He was not a horribly unlikable person, if you know how to deal with semi-unlikable people. It’s a skill. Anyway, Randy and I had talked about driving up to Michigan with a garbage bag full of bottles and cans, all because you get 10 cents each or something to recycle in that state.

He was a Phish fan. I think he works for a bank now.

I just thought it would be funny to drive all the way to Michigan, and when people asked why, to say “recycling.” Obviously.

I wasn’t so much of a Phish fan. Although I have been known to listen to “Hoist” occasionally.

Other things:

Back in the day, way way way back in the day, I ran for my HS track team. Actually, I didn’t even run, but I’m not going to delve into the semantics of field events with you people. Point being, on June 2, 2001, I think I may be doing the Komen 5k run/walk (walk being the operative word) in DC. And I am HORRENDOUSLY out of shape. It will not be a pretty sight. Any of you wishing to come see a hyperventilating blonde girl rushed to the medics tent should come on down and watch. Be my water boys and girls. I will need all the help I can get.

When did my friends get consciences and involve me in things like this? Aww. They’re so cute.

I am all about The Cause, and not about The Man.

PS For those of you who sometimes read Andy Pressman, his latest story is pretty amusing, in a mean and sick kind of way.

PPS Congrats on the supersecret news of 2 friends of friends of mine. One sparkly wedding ring down, many more to come. Gah. I feel like we’ll all start dropping like flies now. Well, some of us, at least.

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