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what the fuck are you watching

bush is a nazi.  and a clown.  bushclon (16k image)Yesterday was rather productive. Daniel came over after lunch. After having going to a used music store near Baltimore. He picked up a snare drum that was like 10″ x 4″ or something tiny like that. The twist of this snare drum was that it had tamborine jingles inside the shell. Fucking cool looking. Hi-pitch as all hell.

Pretty much all day we worked on finishing up Procyon to complete MONSIII. Added some more tamborine, shakers, bass synth, and some old mini disc stealth recordings. It’s nice when i finish a project and then that is the easy part. Cos the mixing of this song is going to be a doozy. I did a rough mix with Daniel and it turned out good. Pretty damn good for a first raw mix. But it can be better and it will be. The drums need to bore a hole thru your head. But wait. They already do. There is something about snare drum’s sympathic vibration added to ringing loaded up with some big muff distortion and it just opens up like no other. And Daniel is prolly the best drummer i’ve ever played with. Fucking sick shit.

dont we all aim to be fired and re-hired again – that is the company i want to work for

So after recording me and Emily went to Jesse’s house to hang at an end of summer BBQ. I always forget how stupid virginia is until i actually get there. There are street signs that read “Beware of turning vehicles.” Go fucking figure. I guess they breed idiots there. I wonder if Bush has some family there. Fucking moron prolly wrote and copyrighted that sign. So yeah, the BBQ was fun. Jesse and Lance are funny guys. And Lance is getting the pooty now too! I also met Jesse’s wife who unbenounced to me was rather anglo looking. For some reason i just assumed she was asian as she was in China for a few months. We (for the most part) did come to the conclusion that we should destroy some US states if we do anything at all. First Texas needs to be off-ed. Ideally with all the Bush’s there. Then Rhode Island, as that state doesnt really exist. Then New Jersey. Cos does anyone really live there? They all seem to move other places. And Virginia cos they have idiotic street signs. And West Virginia as we have one too many Bjorks.

Today me and Emily went to the Takoma Park farmer’s market. It had been a while. Got some yum yums! I even got some cinnamon apple tea! Yes!

And now Emily is watching LIFETIME. I am going to go homicidal now.

Go do a search in Google for “olympus mons”. Pretty funny as you’d think a NASA site should be #1.