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jamming out to it now

mellowpie (5k image)shmelowpie: i wrote a song for you, Here’s how it goes:

shmelowpie: “mat is never online, no never online. Sometimes he’s away, or he’s skating inline, but mat is never online (insert killer guitar solo here)

*** Auto-response sent to shmelowpie: I am currently away from the computer.

shmelowpie: Nooo, never online (fade out)

i’m a diseased- and deformed- animal lover!

doppelganger (14k image)I went to Philly this weekend with Emily for a wedding and to see John perform with the Dumpsta Players.

The wedding was a wedding. It was in a Catholic church. A Roman Catholic church. I dont think I like their ways. They seem pretty homophomic. And their services are way too long. Plus that kneeling thing has got to go. Talk about being domineered by god. That shit is S&M.

The reception was nice. It was in some art gallery. The appetizers were tasty. We started talking with some girl from Cookeville, TN. She was totally this girl I dated from TN’s doppelganger. Either that or her older sister. I was all rico suave with her trying to figure out her last name. (looking over her shoulder when she was looking at her table placement card, etc) But it wasnt the same name and she had been living in Philly for 20 years or so and was single. So who knows. Maybe she was divorced and changed her name. I never questioned her if she was related to the said ex-girlfriend or not. I’ll never know. God it pains me. But not really.

We sat at a table with some cool people. A few of Karen’s co-workers were there and we talked about radio and music and Grandmaster Flash. The people to our right talked about lactose intolerance and people who eat a lot of meat. I think it was the most I ever talked at a wedding where I didnt know anybody. Oh yeah, and I got suckered in to dancing two a few songs. I still dont get wedding dancing. It’s like the mp3 of audio formats.

Saturday we walked around Philly after having a nice breakfast at the B&B. We hit up the ICA and checked out Patti Smith’s exhibit. It was pretty cool to know she did this. I love that woman and her photography.

We hooked up with John later on in the night for a night of the Dumpsta Players. I have been trying to see his group perform for ages. Basically since I worked at Discovery Channel. I guess three years now. And since they normally do their shows during the week, I never got to see it. Except one of their friends just got some degree that was large and they threw a party for her, so the Players performed on a weekend. I’d like to think it was just cos I came. Then after we headed out to a bar where they played a lot of 80s dance music. Perhaps it was 80’s night. It was pretty fun even though I am not a dancer, nor want to be. It was just fun watching all of the Players get their groove on. Oh snap! And there was this older man, maybe in his 50s or 60s who was all decked out and had this awful wig on and was all dancing like Larry from Leisure Suit Larry. He was also dancing with some asian boy in a tank top who was prolly 1/4th Larry’s age. Anyways. It was a great weekend and it was awesome seeing John and it was awesome taking all those cabs. And it was awesome to learn that Philly at least has some semblance of a transit system. It’s not the “T” or Metro. But it’s something with character.

I took pictures.

thanks heidi

tuningforksine (6k image)10 things i love
10: music
09: my ears
08: autumn
07: finishing projects
06: shopping with emily
05: theremins
04: reading
03: soy milk/cheese
02: mulligan
01: not being at work

09 things i hate
09: looking for a new job
08: ignorance
07: people who treat their cds like ass
06: lazy people
05: suvs
04: chopped liver
03: type I cassette tapes
02: bad digital
01: bjork

08 things i miss
08: college
07: not having a worry in the world
06: jane’s addiction
05: my band
04: boston
03: my sanity
02: being able to digest lactose
01: when i didnt understand politics

07 things i can’t live without
07: making music
05: reading biographies on zappa
04: dogs
03: oscilliscopes
02: my car
01: money

06 things I want to do eventually
06: kiss brian eno
05: parasail
04: document a music scene like charles peterson
03: get a passport and go somewhere
02: not have a day job
01: own a plane

05 songs i will never get sick of
05: Irresistible Bitch – Prince
04: Carboforce – Trans Am
03: Lazybones – Soul Coughing
02: It’s all Too Much – The Beatles
01: Joni Mitchell – California

04 words that describe me
04: shy
03: strong
02: hobby oriented
01: moving

03 things i want to change
03: my day job
02: my bad habits
01: the problems of our world

02 people i admire / adore
02: emily (adore)
01: prince (admire)

01 thing i cherish
01: my relationship with emily