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The Future

I love going shopping with Emily. I also love getting two pairs of Gap Jeans. One pair of boot cut and one pair of flare. Yay to jeans with tight thighs. Eff that painters pant cut. Why they don’t make stylish guys jeans is beyond me. Oh yeah and scarves came out too! I only picked up one. But it’s a good one.

Also in the shopping was a new digital camera for Emily for the honeymoon. She got the Nikon 4600. It’s totally cute and small and packs a powerful punch. Nikon! So now I am contemplating leaving the N80 35mm home and just taking the Lomo. I like the idea of a zoomless camera. Really forces you to get in the shit and frame the shot with your body vs. with the camera. It’s a tough call. We’ll see.

Zack is coming tomorrow AM. We’re picking flowers. The cupcake lady dropped off the samples. They are mad yummy. Actually better than CakeLove. And Amy will be in town Friday morning to help. Props to Eric for all the audio madness this weekend and David for the iPod management skills and for being the keyboard lender and tech. My god, my family and friends are grrrrrrreat and so supportive. I [heart] them all. Oh yeah, props to Feets and Lara for the extra jam packed music for the weekend. Jam on!

Rosh Hashanah

Happy New Year!