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Spring Break ’98!

Ok. For the record:
I went to 4 colleges. So did Emily. But this is my story, today. I almost don’t understand people who go to one school and graduate in 4 years. It’s like, “Where did your college experience go?!” Anyways, to each their own! I certainly shouldn’t be telling people how to experience college.

To recap:

  1. University of Hartford (kinda originally a music major, then I was acoustic engineering, then I was artist management – I think I went to class sometimes)
  2. Montgomery College (english/history classes during summers)
  3. Northern Virginia (Associates in Recording Engineering)
  4. Middle Tennessee State University (originally Music Production and Technology, then finally got my degree in Music Business)

So it was a long and tiresome road and 1406 Major changes and 15 or so bands and a few girlfriends, but a lot of fun times were had. A LOT. In fact most of it was pretty fun. And I have already culminated the older photos. But I promised a few people I would get my MTSU-era pictures up and since we recently got a new scanner, I thought I’d update it all. So I give you, in no particular order, Mat : 1997-2000. A Final College Retrospect. Please enjoy, but please, not too much. And no, I am not growing the ‘fro back again.

Class of 1995

Mat with Amy G.

My 10 Year High School Reunion (photos here) was tonight. I was pretty apprehensive about going. But I made it there. Still not sure why I was so nervous, I guess it’s just weird seeing people you haven’t seen in ages and their impressions of you and what you can actually talk to these people about.

It was actually much more interesting than the 5 Year Reunion. I guess not much happens after 5 years. However, the same cliques were in effect, which didn’t surprise me. And a few random people came up to me like we were best buds. Beer, I am sure, had a part in it. But it was, at least, amusing. I never believed in cliques and tried to be friends with whomever. Of course, except for a few homophobic jocks. I am a freaking hippie. But even hippies can’t be friends with everyone. It’s just best to keep drama to a minimum.

So yeah, it was a pleasant surprise going and seeing everyone and matching everyone’s profiles on the 10 Year Website. Speaking of the website. The guys who developed it kept stats and gave awards for people who looked stalked it the most. I was totally convinced that I would get the award for the person to look at it the most, but I actually didn’t even make the Top 10. I was pretty surprised considering I was pretty obsessed with it. In fact, I did get an award, but it was for my pictures and people viewing my pictures the most. I was the only boy to make the list. Amazing.

Anyways… As usual after the event (which seems to be a tradition now) Jamie and myself went to the movies and saw, “Walk the Line.” It was amazing. Not amazing amazing. But Joaquin Phoenix completely nailed Johnny’s voice. Completely. Totally makes me want to crank the Cash. Like now. But it’s after 2am and it’s past my bedtime.

Until the 20 Year.

I Woul Do…

It’s freezing at work and no one is here. I guess when 95% of the staff is taking the day off, they simply turn the heat off. But the Jackson 5 is cranking on my iPod. Kinda ironic. Whatevers. However, it is nice seeing most of everyone that is actually in jeans and t-shirts. I just want to go home and I will at 2pm. Yay.

Five Things I Would Do With $5,000,000
1. invest half of it
2. buy a small plane and get flying lessons
3. start a record store/venue in downtown Takoma Park
4. buy a 2″ 16 track tape machine and hire an engineer to keep it calibrated
5. buy a large 300 acre farm in Vermont

TEN Years Ago, I…
1. was obsessed with Soul Coughing and Jane’s Addiction
2. was just starting college
3. was a mess
4. Couldn’t grow a beard
5. Played in 3 bands

FIVE Years Ago, I…
1. was working my first real job at Discovery Channel
2. was living at home paying off school
3. wanted to buy a house
4. had a pony tail
5. thought about getting a masters degree

3 Years Ago, I…
1. I was living in Gaithersburg with all the white people
2. was happy I could walk to the Fresh Fields, yet I never did
3. played in a live drum & bass band
4. worked at a radio station
5. knew nothing about organic gardening

1 Year Ago, I…
1. was not married
2. was just getting used to being a home owner
3. put in my 2 weeks notice at DC101
4. did not eat much fish at all
5. had never been out of the Country (sans Canada)

So Far This Year, I…
1. went to three countries outside of USA/Canada
2. got hitched
3. started a new job
4. bought an iPod
5. decided to consciously drink less soda

Yesterday, I…
1. at a lot of Thanksgiving type foods
2. assisted Emily in baking pumpkin pies
3. drove to Westminster, MD for Thanksgiving with Elaine and Joe’s family
4. burned my fingers
5. took fiber pills

Today, I…
1. shivered
2. wore two coats to work
3. had a turkey club sub for lunch
4. thought about working from home
5. talked with Feetnik on MSN

Tomorrow, I Will…
1. clean the house
2. make espresso
3. go to the ‘rents house for brunch
4. go to my 10 year high school reunion
5. sleep in