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I Am A Prince Addict

You know you are a Prince addict when you:

  • have a backup copy of Purple Rain on DVD (and VHS, if that still counts)
  • still have the postcard Devon sent you of Prince on the fridge (it’s been on 4 fridges thus far)
  • have a username at
  • want to name your next cat, “Scarlet”
  • your most prized possession is the limited edition double album release of the Gold Experience on clear orange vinyl
  • threaten to have an all-Prince party one of these days (ok, I really only do that in my head)
  • have to refrain from replying to questions with, “Shut up already, DAMN!”
  • have over 12 gigs of Prince and related audio on your iPod
  • visit Minneapolis you try your hardest to visit First Avenue and look for the “Prince and the Revolution” star on the side
  • start thinking you were Prince in a past life
  • don’t think Chaos & Disorder was that bad
  • are speaking to someone who says something like “…when were at the roller rink in 1987.” You will immediately think to yourself, “Sign O’ The Times.” It’s purely a reflex action.
  • smile when you are in the used record stores and see John Prine
  • realize that IIWYG, ICNTTPOYM, IWBYL, SOTT, ATWIAD, & L4OA all mean something to you
  • mark June 7th as a holiday in your Palm Pilot
  • your Wife yells over, “YOU ARE KILLING ME, NO MORE PRINCE!”

I need help!

A Fence On A Hill Near Lake Ashtabula, North Dakota


1/320 sec.

Steven Seagal, Out to Prove He’s a Serious Musician

Steven Seagal rules
Steven Seagal, Out to Prove He’s a Serious Musician
Movie hero or blues musician? Seagal plays at the Showboat Casino and the House of Blues in Atlantic City. (Jim Graham)

Besides Emily and I, is anyone else peeing in their pants? Great photo op, Steven. Love your hair! You are the wind beneath my wings.

And another one for shits and giggles:

Steven Seagal is god