Monthly Archive for August, 2007

The Social Networking Cycle Begins, Again.

I know, I was a little late on this new phenomenon they call Facebook. I know, Feets, I sure can be stubborn. It’s not news, but it’s totally the new Myspace (now that’s it’s not all kookie college kids) which was totally the new Friendster. Poor Friendster. What a great idea. Is anyone still using Friendster? I sorta miss my 4 digit ID number I had on Friendster. Somehow I was an early adopter. And the lame-o bands on myspace. If you contact me, I will hurt you. I don’t listen to emo music. Get it through your head. Remember, I have no feelings. I am tuff. I listen to the likes of Hall & Oates. I’ll eat you, man.

Some Were Born To Sing The Blues

Has anyone noticed that Steve Perry sings “Yust a small town girl” and “Yust a city boy” in Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey? Yes, hold on to that feeling.


Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

While Listening to Starship’s Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

Ew. Key change. Tacky. -Me

You seem surprised. -Em