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Hotel Nook

Basically our house has been a hotel for a while. Zack was in town for a few nights last week. He is always a joy to have around and helped us put up a few acoustical treatments at the Studio. John D was in town this weekend and we got to hit up some good eats and shopping. And Liz and Scott (who are due any day now!) spent the night for a wedding here in Baltimore. It’s nice to have seen everyone, but it’s nice to get back to our own shit.

It’s also nice getting back to our routine. We’re transitioning Lily to her own room now. She’ll be sleeping in the nook (the back bedroom) on the futon on the floor. Super cozy and great for transitioning. She’s already slept there a couple of nights and it’s gone pretty good.

It’s crazy to think we’ll be celebrating Lily’s first birthday (well second, really) with close friends and family in less than a month!

On a side note today we went to the Baltimore Zoo with Kris and Michelle to the see Samson, the baby elephant and afterwards we had crabs to celebrate Emily and my mother’s birthday. Yummy crabs.

Oh and I had a session last week that went wonderfully. The mixes are turning out great. And we are receiving all the feedback about the studio we want to hear, without asking for it. I have another session this coming weekend. This time it’s a female acoustic songstress. Pop rock to the max. I am looking forward to using more ribbon mics. They are the wave of the future.

And some photos from the zoo:

First Snow Of The Year

First Snow Of The Year

Baltimore Recycles

Finally Baltimore City has set up paper and plastic recycling collection to be on the same day! Yes we used to get our plastics picked up ever other Monday and paper every other Friday. What sucked was that every goddamn holiday happens on a Monday (but they are also moving this). So you’d be backlogged constantly with bags and bags of recyclables sitting in your kitchen or dinning room. We eventually started to bring our off-cycle recyclables to the gold lined streets of Montgomery County, where my parents live. They actually have pick up on their, get this, trash day. What a marvel idea.

So yes, Baltimore is finally getting it. Maybe people who thought it was inconvenient to recycle will do it now. Who knows, stranger things have happened, hon.

More information is here.

And this is an interestesting website from Sheila Dixon’s marketing machine: cleanergreenerbaltimore.org