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Feetnik’s Book Signing

Yesterday morning I went over to Alice’s house to pick up the truck to move the radiators. Both David’s and Gordon came over to help me with this crazy heavy project. It actually worked out pretty well with 4 people. The only bad part was popping the tire in the dolly. Everything worked out well and it appears no one’s backs broke. Success.

After that we all went out to Savory (I notice a theme) for some lunch. Bob met us shortly after to hang and to talk shop with Feetnik. Then we all headed back to the homestead to chill on the couch and watch old family super-8 videos of my early childhood.


Then it was time to clean the house… and time to run errands… Fun stuff… I actually found firewood at 7-11 because Safeway had none. In fact it was the best burning wood we’ve bought thus far. Then the peeps started pouring in. I like having friends over. We have a great group of friends who seem to melt pretty well. Oh and we baked a cake for Catherine’s birthday and finally gave her her gifts we bought a few weeks ago. It was a bummer Feetnik and Gordon couldn’t come out, but Feetnik got a weird reaction from Gordon’s cat, so it was probably best she didn’t come out. We did have a roaring fire, which was nice and the chocolate cake was excellent. Thanks Erika and Eric for taking a huge chunk of it home. And strangely Awapy wasn’t in any photographs, yet she was present. Bizarre.

Feetnik Book Signing
Pictures from the weekend.
And we’ve come to know David O. as the Pussy Master. In fact his new name is “Pussy Master” – The pussies love him.

net wt. 5oz. 150g happy birthday zander

Tonight I went skiing with a few friends from work. All the part-timers were invited and some other people as well. Kranias, Korinne, Christy, Melissa and Melissa from Allied came. We ended up going to Ski Liberty doing some night skiing. I was pretty apprehensive about it, as I’ve not ski-ed in ages. Prolly since I was 14 and wore eye liner. But it was mega fun. I went on the beginners slope a few times with everyone to get the hang of it and then did it once or twice more alone with Christy just so we got the hang of it a little more before advancing. Finally we went to the 2nd slope. It was pretty damn high up. Pretty much 3 times higher than the 1st one. The first time down I did fall a few times but mainly went pretty slow to stay with Christy. We all wanted to go back up and do it again, but the others (sans Allied Melissa) wanted to go to the mega hard ones. So me an Melissa took to the 2nd slope a few more times. I wiped out pretty bad one time in to the cliche of falling down the mountain in a ball of snow. Everything in my pockets fell out too. I was yelling to Melissa that I was looking for my wallet. I seemed to care more about my wallet than if I had broken any bones. It was crazy fun though. I am sore as hell. I know it will only be worse tomorrow. The things we do for a thrill these days.

Last night I went to dinner with Emily’s Father and his wife and her son (with girlfriend). It was very cool. I am feeling more and more comfortable with Emily’s Father. I am not even intimidated by him at all. And that guy can make me laugh even when I have no clue what he’s babbling about. Emily seems to think that he only talks about two things with me. #1:: Yiddish and Jewish stuff & #2:: Radio Industry stuff. Yeah, basically that is all we do talk about. At least I can sound intelligent about it, for the most part. We got food from Cafe Zen in Baltimore. The foodage was yummy. I got Tofu and Cashews. It was good. Not as good as Yuan Fu’s. But then again, nothing is really as good as Yuan Fu’s. Then after that we just watched some TV and called it a night.

Here are some I-Zone snapshots from tonight. Notice the wonderful use of flash limitation.


a smitten kitten i am too? - 029 (13k image)Basically my whole Journal exploded. Maybe I deleted a file or two I shouldn’t have. Eh. Things happen…and better yet, worse things have happened. The worse thing was that the daily backups that my site provider claims to do were pretty fucked up. So I couldn’t get the backed up files I needed. I emailed customer support with no luck. Fucking shit. So I have decided to restructure at least the news part of my site, along with other bits and pieces. Basically the Journal software I was using has been giving me trouble since the start. Too many fixes and changes making it pretty unstable. Obviously. So I decided to switch software. This software was my wet dream. Now I just have to learn it and configure it. Fun.So outside of all that icky mess, I went back to work today. It was ok. Even after my Thanksgiving break I was not all that excited to get back to work.Stuff that happened during Thanksgiving Break
* Went to the sister’s in-law’s house for dinner on Thursday
* Virtually yelled at the sister’s brother in-law for being a completely ignorant asshole about vegetarians
* Ate those greens/mushroomsoup/onion thing casserole that the sister’s mother in-law made
* That was the only thing she actually cooked
* Even her daughter brought a cake that was baked by Mrs. Lee
* After dinner I went to Baltimore to meet Emily’s father (who claims to be 1/4 Black and 1/4 Jewish)
* You gotta love that
* He used a lot of Yiddish, or tried to at least
* He isn’t Jewish nor Yiddish
* That really amused me
* He talked my ear off, but that isn’t hard
* After that and their pumpkin pie offerings we headed back to Emily’s apartment
* We rented SHREK, but i fell asleep in the first 15 minutes
* I vaguely remember waking up mid-movie to Emily feeding me dark chocolate
* That was a sign of goodness
* Amazing goodness
* Friday we actually got out of bed at a decent hour and headed to Ikea
* I was de-virginized there
* In that i had never been to an Ikea before outside of browsing a catalog
* Emily bought 400 candles
* It was fantabulous and mantastic all in one event
* After that we went to Sputnik
* That is Emily’s friend’s restaurant
* It is kinda swanky, but not in that obtrusive way
* Everything on the menu ruled, especially the tofu
* They were having oyster night there, so I got Chicken and rice
* I had a blast and met lots of Emily’s friends and an ex
* It was classic, at least for us
* We had a moment
* Very cool how cool Emily’s friends are
* Saturday we woke up and went to the Blue Moon
* Our waiter was a friend of Emily’s
* He was chatty but in that good way, like Feets
* The hashbrowns were good, but never as good as the Waffle House
* You can’t fuck with perfection
* After that we parted ways, so Emily could get some work done this weekend
* I didn’t do much for the rest of the day
* I went to Addy’s that night to hang and drink wine
* We ended up watching this moving called “Startup dot com”
* Pretty silly, but rather realistic
* It was definitely fun to make fun of the main guy and his elusive blow-job-giving girlfriend
* After that Emily and I went to Tastee Diner the host was being cheap and wouldn’t feed us
* It was really loud and annoying there
* The lead singer from Flock of Seagulls was there
* Or perhaps it was just an unfortunate woman from France
* And another guy with a rather nasty suit
* The smoking section is much more rocking
* I did run in to Ariana from DC101
* She is the first to meet Emily, although I doubt she knew this
* Her friends wore a lot of makeup just like her
* Sunday was a lazy day
* Everyone bailed on me for my plans
* Christy slept too late for lunch, so I bailed and ate at home as Mr Tapeworm needs to be fed
* Jamie bailed on dinner, but Addy called to do dinner
* Then he bailed. But Jamie came over cos he was in town and we hung for a bit
* After that, I didn’t really do much
* Read a little
* Tonite I got to see LEGALLY BLONDE
* Definitely funny and you gotta love Reece’s chin
* Yum!
* I also have a new AIM name that I use at home now
* Email me if you want that one