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Britney Spears is Pregnant?

britney spears pregnantBritney Spears has announced that she is knocked up. Funny how she denied these allagations just a few weeks ago. Maybe she wasn’t sure if the beer gut was simply that or a child.

It’s official now. Her status has been raised to “Trailer Park Trash Mamma Slut.”

Any guesses to the name of the child? Justin? Zeke? Marlboro?

Now this is news to talk about.

oh and your girlfriend is beautiful by the way

Jane with Char, Pleasant and Bill at The Masque - janeweidlin (31k image)

“Have you seen the movie Purple Rain? Do you recall when one of the guys from The Time threw that girl out of their car and into the Dumpster? That’s exactly how i feel when i hear this song.” Jane Wiedlin talking about Leann Rimes’ cover of Prince’s Purple Rain.

“Britney is fine, but it’s really hard to outdo Joan. I’m not sure Britney really loves rock ‘n’ roll. Do you think she goes to Slayer or Pantera concerts with her boyfriend from NSync? She should have done Joan’s song ‘Cherry Bomb’ instead, because doesnt she still have hers?” Jane Wiedlin talking about Britney Spears’ cover of Joan Jett’s I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll.

“When Billy Idol quit Generation X in the early ’80s, he came to LA. Once he’d started doing his solo thing, he play the Roxy with the Bangles. Anyway, when he took to the stage, someone threw a beer bottle at him, and it hit him on the head. That’s how I feel listening to this.” Jane Wiedlin talking about Billy Idol’s cover of Simple Minds’ Dont You (forget about me).

and yeah, i know!