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And That’s What’s Important

Adventures In Coffee

I got the IM from Feets that she was having a ‘ffeine attack. She needed to make a run to the ‘bucks. So we bundled up and headed to the Starbucks down the street. We got there and there was a sad sign on the door that the power was out and I found out that you can’t make crack coffee with the power out.

Feetnik was now on a mission from god. We went next door to the Holiday Inn because Brian gets coffee in there from time to time. It was a good backup plan. However, they were also closed from the power being out. Go figure. Just our luck today.

Then we went in to a convenience/tourist store and found some iced coffees in the cooler but she realized they had milk in them and it would be a bad idea. Looking so sad, the cashier came up to Feetnik and informed us, or rather her, that there was a Starbucks across the street. After walking across the street, nearly avoiding a DC Duck tour and the man attempting handing out a piece of paper with no spiel, we got to the building of sorts that allegedly had a Starbucks. We walked to the back of the building to see a huge line coming out of the beloved Starbucks. It is kind of amazing how that there is a Starbucks on every city block. Anyways. Feetnik was jonesing so hardcore that she couldn’t wait in the line that was twice as long as it should have been because of the other Startbucks store being closed.

So we walked back to the tiny store in the front of the building. While Jessica got her coffee I snuck in Vie De France to get a chocolate croissant. Jessica got her french vanilla coffee and we were outta there.

The moral of the story is that it’s a sad day when you have to add “Starbucks” to your dictionary while posting an entry here because you are sick of the red underline it receives because it’s not a dictionary word. But at least Feetnik got her coffee and it was good!


We are officially homeless.

Yesterday we settled on our house in DC. In all reality it went pretty smoothly. The buyer had some issues with putting all her trust in the home inspector, which she had every right to. It just held up some details. All in all, everything went as planned and we are now officially retired.

The reason I say, we’re retired, is that most people end up going through the motions in their 9-5 for decades and live for day they can retire. We thought, “Why wait?” – We wanted to do what we loved when we had the energy to do it. Hence the recording studio. Hence ‘Retirement’.

I just like the sound of it.

So for the next few weeks, we will be vacationing, traveling and checking out studios in Seattle, Portland (& seeing Jamie get hitched – YAY!), San Francisco and Los Angeles. We hope to learn some of the do’s and don’ts from studios that have already done it successfully. Not to mention design ideas.

If anyone lives in those 4 areas, please, my all means, contact us. We’ll love to hook up and get a beer and/or beverage of choice. We’d also love it if you had a connection with a local studio.

Have a great September.

The Tide Is High

Today is my last day on the job. The 9-5. The grind. The bullshit.

It’s over. Yay!

I am kinda nervous, but not really. I think it’s just a buzzing energy. It’s the one time in my life I feel like I have complete control over my future and I have the most confidence in our success.

And what’s so interesting is that people are coming out of the woodwork. Last night I went to a happy hour with a co-worker and a designer we worked with. It turns out the designer’s husband was the guitarist in the DC band the High Llamas. No, not that band, the DC band. The best-man in her wedding was the drummer from Government Issue. Yeah. Fucking DC Punk Rock Royalty. I love it. But he has a small studio in his basement and we’re going to talk shop soon. And then I get home and the guy who bought our iSight from craigslist shows up. He’s a IT guy from Discovery Channel but a musician at heart, so we talked for a while about recording music and distribution and studio.

I tell you, this is the best decision we’ve ever made. You know, next to getting hitched.

And this weekend is Kris and Michelle’s wedding (they got engaged at our wedding) and like the tradition we started, it’s gonna rain like a bitch. Nothing like good Jewish tradition. Bring it on!