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pussy control

Soundtrack of the past couple days: Rodan, Walt Mink (thanks John,) James, Richie Havens, Frank Black, Verve, the Cure, Willie Wisely, Crayon, Cyndi Lauper, Brian Eno, Jonathan Richman, & the B-52s.

Who ever eCrushed me, please come forward. I refused to sign up and divuldge them any marketing details.

In other news, work is a-ok. It’s been pretty slow as of late so I got to mess around with the webpage a little. Hope you enjoy. I really did love visiting NYC. It’s a great place and hadn’t been there in ages. I used to love going there on the weekends when I went to school in Hartford, CT. Anyways, things there haven’t changed. The subways still smell of urine. I do look forward to the winters there when the subways smell like frozen urine! True enough, for me at least, it’s a great place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there long. Well maybe not. I probably could live there provided I had some good soundproofing and a dope-ass video store near-by.

Having a real job that pays really well also has it’s bad sides or maybe not. Finally I have enough money to buy the things I only dreamed of in college. For example: A month ago I layed down the cash for a new Mackie Mixer. Damn. That was only half my paycheck. I couldn’t believe it. Now I am shopping for an effects processor and a compressor to purchase AT THE SAME TIME! I can’t believe it. This whole growing up thing has it’s perks! I also filled out life insurance and had to have beneficiaries. Quite bizarre if I may add. It’s like a slap in the face you are not a kid anymore when you have to have beneficiaries. Anyways…if you are in college now, do as much as you can outside of school related to what you want to do in real life to get paid, and get out of there as soon as you can. …but get ready, college is a breeze as well as a joke. It only gets harder. Try taxes. They don’t teach you that in college. Try long distance relationship. Never learned that in College 101. It is harder, but way more rewarding. Oh I see that light.