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…then she did

kate rocksSoundtrack of the day: The Rondelles, Steve Miller Band, Dinosaur Jr, Stevie Wonder, other stuff i can’t remember…

So what is up with today. Every person I saw today was foxy! Today was Foxy Friday, but on wednesday. Early is sometimes good. But for real. On the way to work this morning on the Metro EVERYONE looked good! Even the boyzzz. It was uncanny. I guess I took the Foxy Train to work!

I get home today from work and BOOM, i see this trippy-ass postcard….Who could it be now?! (sorry about the Aussie joke)- but none the less one of the dopest OM listeners/viewers/peeps sent me a postcard from Australia. Kate rocks! Mad props to Kate and her cool as ice postcard and accent!

Mat has fallen in love again. This time to a Roland Jupiter 6. Mmmmmmmm. It’s a beauty. Learn more about Mat’s new love here.

Ok…be gone! Have an early Foxy Friday/Wed…oh wait…look at the image below. The man with the stunningly strange yet cunning look on his face is John (not the guy/gal to the left of him) who works with me at Discovery. For a second he looked, in that picture, like Perry Farrell. Bizzare! John. Perry. Perohn. Joerry. Hmmmm.

…smooches & check this out (i found in a guestbook somewhere!):::

At age 4…..success is…not peeing in your pants.
At age 12….success is…having friends.
At age 16….success is…having a drivers license.
At age 20….success is…having sex.
At age 35….success is…having money.
At age 50….success is…having money.
At age 60….success is…having sex.
At age 70….success is…having a drivers license.
At age 75….success is…having friends.
At age 80….success is…not peeing in your pants.