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Lulu Caught A Mouse

Finally Lulu earned her keep. I think she can stay.

Still AliveGotcha!

You Can Run But You Can’t HideSorry Mr. Mouse

Now It’s Just Time To PlayDead Mouse

Ok, I Lied.

Yeah, ok, so add another paper grocery bag and another paper department store bag for the recycling.

It’s incredible what we did this weekend.

These are the final bags to be recycled
So from all this we started some more binders. Look how cute they are.
And look at how much room we now have in our filing cabinet.
This is the leakage from the shredder or rather the mess I made when I missed the big bag. And Mulligan has approved of this message.
Also, there are pix up from my Surprise Birthday Sleepover and from New Years.

Witness 4 The Prosecution

The Evidence
This is the evidence. Or so they say.

  • Two large trash bags.
  • Two paper grocery bags.
  • And one paper department store bag.

We’ve spent all day using the shredder to get rid of all our sensitive paperwork that we have archived digitally or simply no longer need. It’s kind of amazing. We [heart] our shredder. And we [heart] all the extra space in our filing cabinets. There is something about organization that blows me away. I am one lucky man to have a lady who is so darn organized.

Actually, in reality, this is all the documentation from the embezzling we’ve been doing from the record label over the past few years. Really, it’s a goldmine.