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i guess i should take a shower hrabowski

titties make mat happy - e.jpg (2k image)I [heart]

…the fact that Lara (Hot995) got me a Britney Spears calendar!
…the other fact that she signed up for my BBS with out any provocing
…girls who like Tortoise (the band)
…Jelly Belly jelly beans
…Parliaments for the stars it creates
…going down to baltimore, going in an off-white honda
…toilets that flush so i dont have to pee outside
…not having to go to work tomorrow
…not being stressed about the mad work i’ve been doing the past 3 days
…boobies that smell good
…that movie with the mice that hated cats
…that movie when i was a kid and they floated around in sardine cans
…and made a plane out of a cardboard box
…hooch’s slobber
…the fact that slobber looks really funny with two b’s
…the other fact that the possesiveness of the above “b” is funny looking as well
…the fact that emily can’t spell
…that i am almost as bad as her
…that i can type on a mac computer
…that i still look for the control key
…that apple button (uh, just kidding)
…that i just fooled you
…that i have a mouth on my neck at this moment
…that i have hands on my titties right now
…that i get to eat soon
…and bake tomorrow
…and rebecca is really becca again.

she can take the dark out of the nighttime

dylan is the cliche everyone should have as a role model for eloquence and simplicity ------ dont mind YOUR voice as well.....(13k image)I [heart]

* hershey’s syrup on chocolate chip ice cream
* shampoo and conditioner in one
* when my receipts have XXXX’s instead of my credit card #
* when your co-workers understand your spinal tap jokes
* when the key fits
* to be stuck inside of mobile with the memphis blues again
* being able to move on without forgetting
* postcards from helle
* getting a butt load of extra vacation days
* her soft kisses
* frank zappa on a cold winter day
* sunday morning’s cold sunshine with arms wrapped around
* napping
* when your mother comes in to your room and calls what you’re listening to
* girls who have no issues
* when lara sings to erasure at work
* when zander has no clue what he’s talking about
* getting the balls to redesign om.com
* that i’ll be fun finding the time to do so
* server includes
* fire logs
* the fact that i have no clue what that pouch is at the end of her bed on the table
* jewish food
* elle’s uncanny wit and blonde hair
* that henry rollins gets a street named after him in rockville
* subway condiments and vegetables (notably the cucumbers)
* the fact that i’ve been dating her for a while now and we’ve yet to get fast food
* she has a cute tummy i get to play with
* bob dylan’s voice and hair
* sleep
* my light brown suede jacket
* shopping
* the lack of drama in my life