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why my job sucks more than yours…

boo hoo
Why My Job SUCKS More Than Yours…

Today was the worst day EVER!

I got a ticket for parking in the opposite direction of traffic. Forget the two hour limit that we ignore ever day… I was parked in the wrong direction! Each and every day for the past two years, I’ve parked like this. Today, it’s a problem. And a nice $44 ticket, to boot!

I got called into the personnel director’s office at 4:45 pm today. The only people who get called into his office at that time are those who are about to be fired. “En Fuego!”
The Offense: “What the hell did I do?” racked my brain. I broke the company email and internet “laws”. Seems I used my work email personally, one time to many. He had a stack of emails, recited back specific details to prove that he did in fact read them; more than once. Oh, and I used the internet for pages other than business related. Oops! I checked my hotmail account. Oops, I checked my hotmail account again. “En Fuego!”
The Verdict: My internet and email privelages will be restricted and monitered. Restricted more!??! I only check one website these days – and it’s hotmail! I can’t even do that now!?!? If this happens again, it can lead up to, and including, termination. As Mr. Personnel sees things, it’s stealing from the company. Time = wages, wages = $$money$$. It’s theft. In the First Degree.
The Assurance: I’m a very good employee, who doesn’t give them any trouble. I’ve given them plenty of warning time before my departure in June, and an overall favorable person. So, Mr. Personnel won’t show the emails to the company owners, although my Boss will be informed when she returns from vacation.
My Qualm: Do ya want me to quit early? Before I train someone? ‘Cause this is pushing me that way. And since I’ve been notified that I’m not getting my vacation pay…


So this weekend should be nice. Mat’s coming up to visit. Not sure yet if we’re gonna hang in Philly or visit NYC. I think he wants a haircut. I want one too. Suggestions for me? Visit my page for older versions of me.

Might Be Jessica.com

I want to go swimming. Got a new bathing suit… want to put it to good use.

Bowling! I want to go bowling!

Salvation Army! Want to hit the thrift shops this weekend!

Enjoy yours!

how do you know?

tell me more
How do you know…

what you want to be when you grow up?
if you’re for sure?

if you’ve made the right decision?
if you’ll be happy with it?

if it’s going to be a good album?
or a good show?

if the time has come?
of if you’re too late?

when you’re in love?
when you’re not?

if you’re ready?
if you’re not?

if you’re happy?
or if you’re sad?

when to jump?
when to stay still?

if you should move far away?
or stay where you’ve been?

if you’ll be missing more here?
or over there?

what is right?
or what is wrong?

when to make the right decision?
or how to recover from a bad one?

inspired by a panic attack just before a dental appointment.
“how did you *know* you wanted to be a dentist? do you really like teeth?”

to be, or not to be….

“I come to you, defenses down, with the trust of a child…”

It’s been a hell of a week. Or two. I’ve done a lot of thinking, a lot of crying; and I’ve come to a few of conclusions/realizations.

As confused as I am about this Los Angeles move, I havee right decision. As excited and terrified I am, it will be incredible. Yes, it will be a lot of work. Yes, I will be tired. I know that. And I readily accept that. Don’t try to change my mind. It changes from day to day, but in my heart, the decision stands.

As much as I wanted to be in love, and to be loved back, I realize that I am in neither the right place nor is it the right time for me to be so. I’ve never been “in love” before, so I’ve been anxious to hear it and say it. But, it just leads to tension and fear, and introduces the big let down. It will come when the time is right. I just wanted it so badly. I wanted it to be right, this time. But, all is far in love and war.

whoo ha!  big & bad jess
As much as I think I’m all big and bad, I’m not. I may act like it sometimes, but inside I’m just a shy young woman who has no idea what will happen next in life.

As ready as I think I am, I’m not.

As un-ready as I think I’m not, I am.

‘Cause I’m grabbing this thing called “life”, “fairness”, “time”, “love”, “friendship”, “fun”, “hard work”, (insert choice of word) and I’m showing it who is in charge.

And I’m gonna give it a run for it’s money.