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Mons + David = BetaMons

Last night’s show was pretty successful. After being introduced by representatives from NASA and the Russian Ambassador who reminded us how to correctly pronounce Sputnik and aside from some rather annoying initial technical glitches we got through the night with some pretty stellar material. That and Lily attended her first cocktail party.

It was a crazy juxtaposition, a la Andy Warhol’s Velvet Underground-era performance art. David and I basically performed along side a go-go dancer and hula hoopers both on platforms in the air. It was quite the 50s experience that went to the moon. A classic American tribute to Russia’s Sputnik.

Enjoy the music below, but first, our set up, for the geeks, was:


David R:

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Recorded live to MiniDisc, imported via Audacity and compressed to an 160kbps MP3 via iTunes.

Mons at Sputnik

I will be playing as MONS with David R. this Thursday at Sputnik, in Annapolis. Perhaps my first (and only?!) live performance.

There will be a 50th Anniversary Celebration for the launch of Russia’s Sputnik satellite. There are rumors that the Ambassador of Russia and members of NASA will be there. It should be a sight to see!

Regardless of the performance, the “cafe” is incredible. Their beer and wine list is impeccable and adventurous and their food is more amazing than most. Not to mention the sick atmosphere. Hope to see you!

From their site:

October 4th, Thursday 6pm to 10pm

The Sputnik Cafe will be hosting a Sputnik Launch Party to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the start of the Space Age. The event will be a formal cocktail party featuring classic cocktails like the Moscow Mule, The Communist and of course the Sputnik Cocktail. Attire will be Russian Red.

Cost $50 per person

Open Bar including classic cocktails, wine and beer influenced from behind the Iron Curtain

Passed Hor’dourves from Chefs Bill and Karl

Entertainment, fun and just one splendid and grand event.

The Sometimes Sad Life Of A Recordist

So three things are going on in my head, in no particular order…

#1 – I am burned out from playing in rock bands. It’s now 2005. I started playing drums somewhere around 1991. That puts in about 14 years of drumming mainly in what people would describe as rock music. That’s not to say I didn’t ever play other styles and actually a lot of college was spent not playing rock music. But still it’s a long time. Especially in my thought process. I think I need a break or at least need to slow down. I need to recharge my rock juices. And I don’t know how long it will take but I am slightly optimistic… And I need to be if I am ever going to take The Bakesale in to the studio. Spring 2006!

So in order to accomplish this I bring you to my 2nd grand idea…

#2 – I really need to start recording and playing my own music again. The river dried up and that’s not a good thing. I honestly haven’t recorded since say 2003. And really I finished most of the production for MONSIII during 2001. Playing other people’s music is fun, but only fulfills to a slight degree. I had a seriously in-depth (for us) conversation with David R. this weekend after gathering food at the Farmer’s Market and having a grand breakfast over Alice Coltrane’s Universal Consciousness. We touched on composition and creation and finding sounds. What what they mean and context. I always thought Daniel was my music life partner and I guess he still sorta is on one level, but David really hits it home with me. Definitely on a different level. So we decided to extend a project we had started working on a year or so ago called Betatron. This new project of mine already has a name and will mainly focus on found sounds and field recordings of usually general everyday sounds that people hear but don’t necessarily listen to. And I can record simply on my way to work! Or where ever it takes me. They will be mainly stereo recordings made my an X/Y pattern and perhaps an M/S pattern, if I can get my M/S mic I built working again. Damn Paia. We’ll also intersperse our own compositions on top and layer quite a bit. But not to give it all away… Yeah, a little more high-concept than I am used to working with, but I really like the idea…

And lastly…

#3 – And kinda most importantly, my recording studio needs to be rebuilt. Like, for real. It’s my home away from home that’s really in my basement. Plus it makes money. This needs to happen so I can begin to start thinking about quitting my day job and working from home doing what I feel I do best and love the most in life. #3 is very important to my well-being!

Ok… Signing off…