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Sneaky Trip and Mr. Neumann U87

Well, our sneaky random trip to Queens was a success!

Emily’s friend, Jessie, who is an acrobat/anthropologist and lives all over the world, literally, wanted to hit up NYC while she was in town visiting her Mom in Baltimore. So we decided to pack our bags for Queens to stay with my cousin, Zack. We can’t ever turn down a road trip.
I sorta wanted to not have to go to Manhattan but we ended up going there one day, anyways. It was ok. I totally pretended like we were still in Queens. But the big bummer was that our favorite restaurant in Chinatown, the Sweet and Tart is gone. Gone for good. We’re sad. And the place we went instead was ok, the soups were great, but the waiter was a huge ass porcupine sucker.

All in all is was a nice trip and it’s always swell, not to mention educational, hanging with the Zack (and Jessie, too).

In Studio news, the electrical and low-voltage wiring passed the rough-in inspection today with the City. That means my wiring is ready to roll. No fire starters for me. And not bad for my first pro wiring job. The HVAC should be getting their inspection in the next day or two and the following day, after that, will be for the framing rough-in inspection. Hurrah! The next step is to install the insulation and the layered walls! More on that as it happens.

Oh and I totally just bought a Neumann U87 today from my friend Greg. I am in awe.

Jaeger WD Tractor

Masker Orchard Tractor - Jaeger WD

1/125 sec.

Inside The Apple Of The Jew

Well, we survived yet another year of our family’s Apple Picking weekend, at our cousin’s apple orchard in NY.

It’s virtually a family reunion on my Dad’s side of the family – that we do pretty much every year. All the crazy, loud, obnoxious, opinionated, & mostly liberal Jews from New York all in one place make for awesome & loud conversation. This usually equates to drinking lots of beer, wine and whiskey, and arguing the semantics of things we really agree on in the end. And there’s some apple picking somewhere in there.

It’s completely exhausting at the end of the weekend, but we’re always wanting more of it. I am so happy we have such a wacked out family that all gets along for the most part.

And I still think one of the best parts, sans the conversation, is the breakfast feast we all make on Sunday. The fried apple pancakes Zack makes are the best. Topped with cocoa and sugar is stellar. Stellar.

Pictures are here, yo.