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Problems – Site5: Why ‘O Why?

So the big meltdown happened here at OM this week. My server had a complete breakdown. The hard drive failed a few days ago and our email went down. It was a mess. Site5 was pretty much incognito. I guess they were tending to the problem while keeping us out of the loop. There were about 5 people on the server that got lost with out service. Also, we’ve yet to receive any compensation. We were told to contact billing. I did that and have not even heard back. Oh yeah, and our email was pretty funky for the past 2 weeks, on top of everything else.

It’s really sad too, because I’ve been a loyal Site5 customer for 6 years. Never with huge problems at all. When there were minor problems they were on it. It was usually fixed within an hour. But not since the turn of the this new year. They have gone down hill. I presume they’ve become a much larger company with all their new clients. Clearly more than they can handle. But with that came growing pains and below-par customer tech supports.

Well it’s all fixed now. And if everything was working as they say it now is I might have not thought to look elsewhere. But they say everything is fixed and my inbox says I have 3 new messages. Right. For 4 days of being offline I only received 4 messages. Right.

So, I guess I have come to the crossroads again. I am seriously thinking of moving to a new web hosting provider. I need one that will give me a few gigs of space, a good amount of transfer, plenty of SQL databases, IMAP email support, (L)UNIX, PHP, SSH, FTP, multiple domains, etc. Also, it would be great if the company would move all my files, dB and email for me. Does such a company exist? Also, is telephone support completely a think of the past for shared hosting?

I’ve had it up to here (points to my 12′ ceiling) with Site5. I thought it would never come to this. But it has.

Please advise on reputable and responsive web hosting companies.

Thank you for listening.

1/8 notes won’t kill ya, Max!

Some housekeeping: I recently upgraded to the latest version of K2. It’s looking nice. Asides are still a little muffed, but then again this theme is still Beta. I also upgraded my Gallery software to v2. It’s killer.

Has anyone checked out google.com today? It’s stuff like this (this Mr. Braille recognition, the first landing on the moon, etc…) that really gives me hope that they are a decent company. Or at least are trying. But then reality sits in and I realize they are still on their way to turning in to the Microsoft monster. It’s a shame. Is it that hard to stick to one thing and do it well?

In other news, I am presently going through my Bruce Springsteen phase. It’s a little early this year, but who can really tell when it’s supposed to happen. I am really getting in to The River and Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ this time around. There’s something about Growin’ Up that is just great and honest and real. The live version is great, too. It spoke to me when I was younger. Now I just really like it as sincere music. Bruce is a hard working man. I still need to see one of his shows. 4 hour shows would blow my mind. …not to mention my knees. 4 hours and he’s not a jamband. Go figure! Oh yeah and did it ever bother anyone else on the earlier records with Max Weinberg playing quarter notes on the hi-hats? Ugh!!! He’s a great drummer, but that really got annoying after a while. 1/8th notes won’t kill ya, Max! And we can’t forget how awesome Little Steven and Clarence Clemons are. Enough said.

Comment This

And now for some housekeeping.

My 2-year-old OM project is completed. I finally successfully manually transfered over all the comments from the old journal software I used in 2000 and 2001 from backup-ed archives. My god it feels nice. Apologies if you got random emails.

So to sum up, there are currently 1,480 posts and 2,760 comments. This equates to 1.86 comments per posts. It’s not bad.

Here’s the breakdown of the Top 10 commenters, sans me:

  1. elle (252)
  2. daniel. (244)
  3. emily (216)
  4. al (121)
  5. Joey O (116)
  6. feetnik (103)
  7. Eric (103)
  8. Mike (98)
  9. Heidi (92)
  10. jessica (44)

Anyways… Enjoy the comments and feel free to check back in to the Archives. Some of those Elle posts are sick.

Please also enjoy all the excellent and newly uploaded photos from the Wedding Weekend. Mad props to John!!!