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There Is Nobody – Tattwo

Last night after work, I went to BWI to pick up Feetnik. I made really amazing time. I still think I live in MoCo and think it takes 40-50 minutes to get to Baltimore when in reality DC is about 20 minutes closer. Anyways. I got there early and thought I would just circle around the terminal a few times waiting for Feetnik. Of course my first round through a cop pulls me over for my headlight being out. I know it’s been weeks since I needed it to replace it, but we’re busy people. So the cop gave me a “warning.” – Then I found Feetnik or rather she found me and I tried to retrace my steps back to the parking garage. Jesus christ, that airport is confusing.

Today we went to Mughal Garden for lunch. It was an Indian buffet and it was surprisingly yummy. After that we headed out to the Tattoo Museum in Fells Point. I know Zander. I wanted to stop by, but I don’t have your new number nor your address. Please hook a brother up.

So we all walked in, showed the artwork to an inker and got a quote, when another inker came over and asked or rather said he was going to do this job. He was really cool and made it even that much more special with his interest in doing it personally. He even knew where the art was from and a little about it’s history. I’ve never really been able to find much, other than it’s called “Tropics and Meridians” and it’s an old sailor’s tattoo from the 20s. I guess because this tattoo was on my forearm it was slightly more painful when he did the outlining. The fill-ins were much more pleasant if not relaxing. I feel really good about this tattoo and it was funny hearing the inker talk about mutual friends (from Louisiana) of Feetnik’s and talking about Baltimore vs. DC bands and what not with all of us. And to top it off, he took a picture of it for his portfolio. Man, a tattoo artist who got my tattoo is my kind of man. And he looked like a combination of Dave Grohl and one of the dudes from ZZ Top.

After that we did some shopping or rather Emily and Feetnik did. Emily also talked with a woman at a store about doing some business together in the future. I think it’d be badass to see Emily’s goods in a store! Then we went to the Soundgarden. I only picked up a few CDs. I picked up:

  • Rilo Kiley’s the execution of all things (Saddle Creek)
  • Suzanne Vega’s nine objects of desire (A&M)
  • Brian Eno’s music for films (Virgin)
  • Yerba Buena’s island life (Razor and Tie)
  • Grease on DVD (Emily’s pick!)

Feetnik picked up a record that I want to dub. It’s a side project of the people in the Arcade Fire and it’s really awesome! I’ll prolly just pick it up tomorrow when we do CD shopping downtown with David. Anyways. After that we went to a coffee shop only to have our ears punched to the sound of a 6 year old screeching and running around. They got coffee and I got tea. They shared a mini chocolate bunt cake and I ate a slice of apple pie. I do not consider myself one who “shares well with others.”

After Baltimore I dropped Feetnik at Gordon’s apartment in Silver Spring. His apartment was where the old DC101 studios used to be or rather right near it. It was nice being in that neck of the woods. They also gave me my birthday gift. An 11×17″ picture and frame of Frank Zappa probably from the very early 70s and a doll of Bob Moog complete with lab coat, glasses and a mini moog. Yes, they rule. Rule hard core.

Now it’s time to finish up some more of the Seinfeld DVD’s from Seasons 1&2.

Pictures thus far from the weekend.

is everybody feelin? alright?

loveloft (15k image)What did I do this weekend? Like you care? Like I care. But for the record.

1. Cleaned up a ton in Skylab.
2. A/B’ed a few mics and layed up some more wall dressing
3. Tested out a tube Rode mic on loan from Rick
4. Freaked out Lulu with all the ‘verbs
5. Went to IKEA and ate hotdogs
6. Put up shelves and re-organized my mics and casios
7. Went to lunch with Maria, Bill, Jayden and Dave
8. Walked around Fells Point’s flea market
9. Went to Money Mall (Montgomery Mall for the locals)
10. Shopped at J. Crew, Benetton, Banana Republic and GAP
11. We also hit up Polly Sue’s and Takoma Underground locally
12. Lulu is still keeping me up, hence the bags under my eyes
13. Watched some TV
14. Started mastering process for my first two releases
15. Barely touched the computer, which rocked

And you must check out this site. You will not be dissapointed if you know that Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar on Me‘s guitar solo is only two notes. Oh yeah, and I’ll be in Philly this weekend for a wedding and visiting John. Vous le vous.

kranias:: she’s going to end up crying

Another reader of Addy - addysreader (10k image)I dont know what it is about IKEA. But i love it. Even driving over one hour to godawful Virginia (sorry El), it’s almost worth it! Even their cafeteria has good food. Granted it’s prolly made out of particle board, it’s Sweeding Particle Board Food, so therefor it’s good. Yummy.

So Saturday me and Emily shopped at IKEA all day. Emily is still looking for shelving and i am looking to do more impulse buying as well as looking for more colorful kids bedroom furniture. We always make fun of the “art” department where you can own a wonderful Monet. Mmmmmmmm, Monet. But this time they had a Rothko. And during his good years. So, being the yuppie i am, i bought a lithograph of art. All in a nice wood frame for under 30 bucks. Gotta love the Sweedish. Too bad later during the day, when i tried putting the poster in the frame, the glass broke. Cheap fucking bastards. Then after that we went to Maria and Bill’s restaurant to celebrate Maria’s 37th birthday. Amy was there. And she was civil to Emily. Go figure. Maybe she’s back on her medication(s). Or maybe it’s because they arent talking behind each other’s backs. It’s hard to say “You’re a cunt.” to another person’s face, isnt it? You’d have to be a real woman to say that in person. That or a psychopath.

Sunday was a schmorgasboard of doing nothing. I did lots of silly things like installed more RAM in my father’s computer. Moved furniture around in their house and looked at old 70s picures with them. I even took some home with me. Then i went back over to Emily’s place to play on her computer while she watched TV. We had dinner, then i went home to work on my site a little bit and clean up my house cos the maid hasnt come the past two times she said she would. It’s a rough life. You and your cunty ways.

And this morning i was on air again talking about Flounder and Lisa and how they feuded in high school. They should just fuck and get it over with. And Flounder’s nipples were errect. Weird.

PS. This is the funniest thing i’ve ever seen.

PPS. 06.15.92 ; 08.13.92 ; 08.10.94 ; 04.16.95 ; 07.28.95 ; 12.12.98 ; 93 Demos ; B-Sides :: Better late than never.

PPPS. And yeah, i got a new haircut from Emily.