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My Life In Wires

Basically for the past few weeks I’ve been building my patchbay. It’s the heart of any studio. It consists of hundreds of wires criss-crossing behind the console. Patchbays exist so one doesn’t have to rewire the console in the back every time you want to change something. This way, it’s all in the front and accessible. Anyways, this picture has been my life for the past few weeks. Now to manage these cables and clean it all up. Thank the lord for bike hooks.

Tile In Vestibule and Studio Color Pallet


Why this tile was covered in paint is beyond me? But we have a great foreman who takes great pride and wonderful ownership over his work and our project. He graciously stripped the who knows how old paint from the vestibule which revealed this beautiful original glass tile. Who knows what you get behind the layers of a building built in the 1890s.


This is the paint pallet we’ve chosen. We’re using the yellow for the acoustical paneling covers. And the flooring is bamboo and wonderful. Yellow=studio (there is another color for the control room, but it’s behind the yellow – it’s slightly more dark and perhaps mustardy). Green=lounge. Blue=bathroom/vestibule/airlock hallway. Red/orange=office. There. It’s done and I love it! Final coats commence this weekend. Thanks to all our wonderful friends who came this weekend to help out with the caulking/prep and priming!

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The Pussies Miss Em

We’re not dead. We’ve just been insanely busy.

The studio is rolling like nobody’s business. Still on schedule to finish construction and obtain occupancy permits at the beginning of March! We’re still beside ourselves. Now it’s time to pick out paint colors and organize a painting party!

This past week was spent at the in-laws house due to the fact we don’t have Windows and IE installed on our computers. It took almost a week to fix a site we devloped because a little known company we all know and love doesn’t know how to adhere to simple web standards. Go figure. I think if we get this next larger contract we’ll purchase Parallel’s and Windows XP. YACK!

After it was all fixed (or rather broken to be fixed) the client was happy. Not that the client was unhappy before, but they were happy with it, in general. Since then the client has thrown another gig at us so we’ll have to put a proposal together for them. Then we decided to spend a few days actually relaxing at my ‘rents house.

We all watched the Grammy’s last night. Probably the first time since high school I wachted more than a “flip through.” Was it me, or was it all musical performance? Not that I mind, but were any awards won? What’s up with Frank Sinatra singing beyond the grave. Lame. But it was cool seeing Kanye West with Daft Punk. And Brad Paisley and The Time performing was a sight to see. Oh and Prince showing up to give one of the awards. That was random! And I think it should be a law or a requirement that to play on the Grammy’s one can’t lip sync. What a sham. Please remind me, it is about the music, right?

Today we’re going back to Baltimore. It’s been about 8 nights since we slept in our own bed. I think it’s about time. I am sure the pussies miss Em.