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Smash The Glass

Just over a year after our wedding we found some new photos. Or rather Kris brought his disc over the other night when he and his wife came over for dinner with Amy. Of the bunch I feel this one really summed up a lot of the night. It was right before I missed smashing the glass after we said our “I Do’s” – I did smash the glass on the 2nd swing, so to speak.


Lomolitos – Take Three

1/5 of the C5 Gang

Maria G. and Mark D.

Wet Feet. Erika?

John and Sara looking long.

Enjoy the new ones.

Lomolitos – Take Two

The Lomolitos pictures are still trickling in. Some are great. Some are grainy and not-so-great. Most of the new ones are from Snapfish and their draft images they put on the site are not so great, but I really don’t have the time right now to scan the good prints they mail. So we deal. My 4 favorites (at this moment) from this batch are below:

Mat and Emily
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