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Doodlebug and the Window


Lily looks outside

Lily looks outside


Aside from Lily looking like she has horrible hair highlights, she’s growing up awesomely. She started a Nanny share with a kiddo down the street and it’s going wonderfully. I feel like while we are at work she’s growing. When we pick her up at the end of the day, she appears older. It’s kind of refreshing, but also I feel like I am missing out on a part of it.

So other than Lily getting older and growing and learning and talking and eating and pooping (not as often as we’d or she’d like) everything here is great. The studio is growing and Emily is working that front office in the rear like no one’s biznazz. Emily has killed one paper shredder and I just killed the new one last night.

In other news, I started a monthly recording club (sorta like a book club without all the reading and books) here at the studio and it’s a lot of fun. I love learning stuff and the only way to do so is to surround yourself with people who know stuff! It’s just something I really look forward to every month.

Hope your winter is treating you nicely with an abundance of snow. We’re getting ripped off here as usual.

Back to donuts and coffee.

When It’s Cold Outside


 (Sorry about the horrible photo)

There’s something about weather in the single digits and the teens that I really love. I am not sure what it is. But I really love the cold. This morning when I woke up at 8am my weather center said it was 12°F. That’s pretty darn toasty cold. It must be in the negatives with the windchill. I am loving life. But then again, if it’s this cold, it surely is a waste for it to not be snowing profusely. Come on Mother Nature, give it to us!

El Niño My Ass

Dear Mother Nature,

I am no meteorologist, as much as I’d love to be. But what the fuck is up with it being 60°F and it’s not even noon? The forecast actually calls for 71°F here in downtown Baltimore. Something is not right. I think Al Gore is on to something here. El Niño my ass. I can almost remember the days of 4 distinct seasons. Can you? This is the east coast, not friggin’ southern California.

I am pissed. I feel cheated.